Consuming and Looting in Rust


Consuming and Looting in Rust
Being that Rust is all about trying to survive in as harsh of an environment as possible, away from modern civilization, it becomes quite important to find things like food, and look around for random boxes, crates, and sacks for valuable items and treasures. There are rust cheats out there that make it easier to survive, but that takes away a lot of what makes Rust enjoyable.
These consumables and lootables can be found scattered throughout the game world, often necessitating exploration and facing potential dangers along the way. It’s a risk, but it’s one that you have to take if you want to get a hold of the best items the game has to offer. A little risk can give you a lot of reward.
You need to eat in order to survive. This applies to both real life and to Rust. You certainly won’t be eating very luxuriously most of the time, but in a time of survival you’ll mostly only find the bare essentials. The consumables that you’ll be able to find include chicken breast, a can of tuna, a granola bar, small water bottle, small rations, a chocolate bar, and a can of beans. Nothing particularly fancy here, but it’s everything you need in order to sustain yourself.
Besides satisfying your in-game hunger, foods can also sometimes reduce the amount of radiation going through your system.
A lot of the in-game goodies can be found by searching through crates and other containers. They all have something slightly unique in them, with the color of the crate giving a general indication of what could be inside.
Red crates can contains items like loot sacks, ammunition, blueprints, flares, medical equipment, anti-radiation pills, and explosive charges. Yellow crates may or may not contain ammunition, weapons, blueprints, and weapon attachments. Green crates tend to contain weapons and attachments, ammunition, paper, research kits, and blood draw kits. What might be most valuable, though, are wood boxes, which can contain ammunition, cloth and metal fragments, anti-radiation pills, and a few different consumables.
Other Thoughts
If you want to be any good at Rust, you need to go out and scavenge for supplies every once in a while. You may not always get what you want, but you definitely won’t get anything if you sit and do nothing. You’ll also probably perish. In any case, risking your life for the sake of supplies is part of what makes the game exciting for a lot of people, and this is mentioned in some video game reviews. Once you do get enough supplies, you’ll be able to survive for a lot longer than others, as long as you’re smart about it.

SteamWorld Dig


SteamWorld Dig is a new mining game for the PS4 platform.  Reminiscent of Namco’s 1982 release Dig Dug but with so much more going on, SteamWorld Dig features an underground world rife with perils and terror.  This platform adventure game has been nominated for several awards such as Best Indie Game, Best Handheld Game, and Best Original Game.  It’s worth a try to see what all the fuss is about.

Navigate through the mine as Rusty, an old mining steamboat.  Gain riches as you go, making your way down to what lies beneath.  Levels upon levels reveal more gold, jewels, and passages. An ancient threat lurks below waiting to be disturbed.


There is digging, digging, and more digging to be had in this game, but that’s the fun of it.  Racking up gold and jewels are what Rusty does, as is relaxing in the saloon with a couple of lady friends.  Getting more resources as you go, you won’t be able to stop yourself fro digging, digging, digging until you break through to the net level.  You’ll keep going until you reach the ultimate showdown.

Power-ups exist throughout that Rusty can get to upgrade his gear.  Fast-paced, ever changing, and engaging, SteamWorld Dig is a refreshing change in gaming.  It’s a throwback to when you just wanted to play and advance yourself with out all the commentary.  While a plot does exist, it’s in the background, letting you just play and dig and dig and play.  You also have the chance to think about your decisions before you do them, lest a boulder falls on Rusty’s head.  Fun for all ages, SteamWorld Dig is like a blast from the past… just decked out.

South Park: The Stick of Truth


South Park:  The Stick of Truth is to video games what South Park was to adult cartoons.  Not for the young, South Park:  The Stick of Truth immerses the player into the world of Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, Stan and their friends as they fight for control of the Stick of Truth and fight off an alien invasion.

Released by Obsidian Entertainment in March 2014, South Park:  The Stick of Truth will keep you on your toes.  The normal antics seen on the show are to be expected, but nothing will prepare you for seeing zombie Chef bust out of a casket, Stan’s Dad’s anal probe, or Kenny as Princess Kenny.  The creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have done it again.

You can imagine the scene.  Cartman is still loud, belligerent, and telling people to respect his “authoritah”.  Stan, the quintessential peacekeeper, is still trying to show people the error of their ways and get them to work with each other.  Kenny, well, he’s still Kenny.  Butters, Jimmy, Tweek, Ike, Mr. Hanky, and Mr. Mackey provide many moments of hilarity in the game as they do on the TV show.  This game doesn’t miss a beat.  Maybe that’s why it is being promoted as “the definitive South Park game”.

This role-playing video game was released on PS3, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows.  South Park:  The Stick of Truth is a wonderful extension of the TV show for fans and a hit-the-ground running indoctrination for newbies.  It’s fast-paced, energetic game play will keep your engaged while the hilarity of it all will keep you laughing.